Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Stuff the unveiling

So here are all the House of Miniature kits I got off of EBay. 17 kits total from 3 auctions. I believe I ended up paying about $85 give or take - in the pic on the left the first 3 kits going down are doubles. The last pic is my cat Prissy getting in the bag that I pulled them out off lol
the stacked ones on left are doubles
the rest of the H.O.M kits

Prissy my strange cat

Now let me explain this last thing. I was on EBay looking for a doll because my mini club is doing a doll and dress. Then I saw this 1/6 scale big headed doll (Pullip Nomado) an idk what it was but I liked her and after some research found out they are very collectible an a good investment. I paid 1/3 of what she sells for and the seller was amazing and sent this extra stuff with her that she could have sold for $50 or more. The little shoes kill me lol and the last outfit I hand sewed  for her before I even won her while I was laying in bed sick. When I was doing my research I watched some YouTube videos on them and some of those people - all I can say is OMG k-a-r-a-z-e. I think I sat there for 30 min with my mouth hanging open! Anyway gatta run. Till next time :)
Nomado made in Feb 2004

The free stuff

One of the two pairs of free shoes

outfit I made her


Lucille said...

Looks like you have all your work cut out for you, Tina! By the time you finish building all these lovely kits, you'll be an expert! The little doll is so cute and so are the outfits that came with her and the one you made. Cute cat! Hope you're feeling better.

Tina -Just a Small Thing said...

thanks Lucille I always look forward to your comments!You are like one of the only people to ever call my cat cute! I think she could win a kitty beauty contest but all my friends say she looks like she got hit in the face with a frying pan.The kits are def going to work me but it will be fun :) hope you have a good week

Wyrna Christensen said...

So many furniture and so many exciting hours of work. It is so exciting to pool all furniture together. It sounds to me as insanely cheap. When I find cheap furniture online, the price is ruined by the expensive shipping. Which country do you live in?
Enjoy the work.

Tina -Just a Small Thing said...

hi Wyrma, I live in the US about half the cost was shipping, like 8 things I paid $9 bucks for but the shipping was $40 and the other two were about $5 bucks a piece in shipping. Where are you located?