Saturday, February 9, 2013

3 down and alot to go...

 On the very left of the basement is the kitchen.
 The far right is the craft/painting room. It was made from cork that I got at the ))craft store in the scrapebook paper section. It is made with a backing like a sticker that you just peel off an then place sticky side down. I cut the tiles 3/4 of an inch and then laid them in this pattern. Not totally happy with it so at some point it may get changed, but its just the craft room its going to get paint splashed on it and  beat up a little.
 This is the middle room. I have no idea what im going to make that room. I thought about a wine cellar kind of thing or bar but like i said idk yet. If anyone has a suggestion im open. Anyway its made with the wood veneer strips that you iron on. The hubby was nice enough to pick me up 4 packs of it when he went to home depot :)

 Im thinking about using the trim that has the little notch (wainscot trim) to use on the front of the rooms just to have a nice clean edge.

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Tina Wood said...

None of these are glued down yet thats why they look a little off