Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How I made the tiles

How I made these  tiles. The small ones - I used card stock that I painted three diffrent colors - blue, green and gold. Each tile has all three colors in them just more of one color then the other two. I hope that kinda explaines it. If you want more detail just let me know. There are 5 layers of craft paint on each one, I would do one layer then wait several hours, sometimes overnight before doing the next. Then I gave it a couple good coats of spray matte varnish, let dry overnight marked my tiles and got to cutting. A hell of alot of cutting! I still might have to make more but i hope not! The larger tiles i got the pattern from a journal at staples that I made a copy of while I was there (so no I didnt buy it) and brought home and made a bunch of copies glued it down onto sketch paper, couple coats of gloss varnish, let dry and cut out. That was alot fast because these are about an inch big. These are all for my kitchen. The small ones for the walls and large ones for the floor. So what do you think?


Madame Mystery said...


Your tiles are awesome! Can't imagine the time involved!

Vicki aka Madame Mystery

Tina -Just a Small Thing said...

Thank you so much! I'm hoping to get the little ones on the kitchen walls soon

Lucille said...

Your tiles certainly are awesome!