Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mini Tutorial Tuesday

On Tuesdays I'm going to try and  do a small tutorial. I might have to miss some depending on whats going on but I will do my best not to. Now on to the tutorial -

Small Hip Bath

you will need -
  1. a clean oval type lotion bottle
  2. box cutter or sharp heavy duty scissors
  3. super glue or model glue
  4. embellishments (stickers, trim)
  5. jewelry findings or beads (for feet if you choose to have them on yours)
  6. sand paper
  7. craft paint
  8. tape
Its always good to look up pictures of the item you are making on the Internet. Ive made this type of bath before and knew I wanted a curvy kind of shape. First measure the width of your bottle and mark it out on paper. Draw the shape you want on the paper, cut it out and tape it to your bottle. Cut along the line and repeat on other side. These bottles are very slick so you want to sand it down really well and make sure to get your cut edges also.Now you can embellish the rim to have a nice finished edge (I also did near the bottom of mine). Now you can paint your choice of colors. It does work better if you do thin coats letting it dry well and lightly sanding in between. You can put stickers on when its dry or decals look nice also. You can even do some decoupaging on it. I chose to have feet on mine, you don't have to if you don't want to. Plenty of hip baths didn't have them. For my feet I used jewelry finding I had laying around but you can also use beads. Mark your 4 spots your feet will go and glue down. Now you have your hip bath! Back in the good old days these baths were filled using pitchers of water so you dont have to but if you want you can make hot/cold nobs out of beads and a tap out off another piece of plastic or a pierced earring finding. You can attach these to the wall or the end of your bath. I hope this was helpful to someone out there :)

P.S. - I also decide to make a tray to go across the bath out of some of the bottle I had left over. Just remember don't throw away your scraps because you never know what you may end up using them for. Like the straw thing that was inside you bottle, you can make cups out of it and all kinds of things with the left over plastic!


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