Thursday, February 21, 2013

Featured blog Friday - Doreen's Miniatures and Memoires & Doreen's Miniature Projects

Doreen's Miniatures and Memoires
Yes there are two blogs I am featuring today but they are both by the same owner. With that being said I didn't want to feature one without the other, also I follow and like them both! Doreen just recently celebrated her 70th birthday!  We should all give a shout out just for that! Doreen got her first dollhouse in 2005 and I'm sure you can guess what happened, yep into the wonderful hobby she went. Now lets start with Doreen's Miniatures and Memoires. This blog is about her dollhouses as well as her life. It has great pictures and shows the projects that shes doing so you can see and read about the progress of things. I don't know about you but I like seeing what others are doing and how they go about it. If you are like me this blog is for you! Click on this link and it will take you there

Doreen's Miniature Projects
As for her second blog Doreen's Miniature Projects, she hasn't had a chance to do much on this blog in awhile but there are allot of great projects! Whats better than that you ask? Well she tells you how to do these projects yourself of course! The things she makes on there are to frigging cute!You can click on this link to go there

Now like I have said before why are you still looking at my blog?
Doreen's Miniature Projects


Lucille said...

Dear Tina, I have been a faithful follower of Doreen's blog for a long time and a great admirer of her work! I am so happy that you are featuring her because this lady deserves to be recognized. She has contributed so much to the dollhouse blog land with her numerous and wonderful tutorials. I always enjoy visiting her blog and I miss the fact that she does not blog as often as she used to. I guess it's just because I could never get enough of Doreen and her cute families of characters, especially Julie and David as they assist her in her builds and so often just take the initiative. Thank you so much for featuring Doreen!

Tina -Just a Small Thing said...

I agree Lucille, an we are very lucky she blogs!